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Video Game Christmas Cards

by GamerPrint

Whether we like it or not it’s fast approaching that time of year again!

To offer gamers something a little unique I’ve designed a set of original Christmas cards inspired by some of the most famous video game characters of all time

With 10 designs there’s bound to be a card to suit every type of gamer in your life.

Check them out >

We’re still focusing our excitement on Halloween, but these holiday cards are too great not to reblog!


Hongos de Latinoamérica by Meufer


Hongos de Latinoamérica by Meufer

London 2012 by Flying Mouse 365

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Do You Still BRAWL ? by =qwedfgbnm
Batmario by Matty Boosh / Tumblr / Twitter / deviantART
The Peach and the Plumber by Edrice Waliyar / CGHUB / Twitter